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Tom and Lorraine Winterink lived in the southwestern part of United States for the past 25 years and enjoyed successful careers in sales, marketing, and the restaurant industry.

Over the years, the Winterinks had a passion to visit and vacation at lodges and historic hotels in the west, enjoying the accommodations and the outdoor recreation they had to offer. A few years ago, Tom (Wartburg 74) began researching the concept of bringing a recreational lodge to his hometown of Charles City, Iowa.

After a year of research and development of Red Cedar Lodge, Tom, Lorraine and their daughter, Madison decided to "go for it" and moved from Arizona to Tom's hometown of Charles City, Iowa. The Winterink family has deep roots in Charles City and their daughter Madison is the 6th generation to live in America's Hometown.

It is their hope and dream that guests will find peace and relaxation on this 28-acre river haven they have named the Red Cedar Lodge.

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 Red Cedar Lodge Tom and Lorraine Winterink


1880 Gilbert Street Charles City, IA 50616




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3129 Highway 18
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